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Magazine & Blog Submissions


Please see below for details on submitting. Blog submissions are accepted at any time.


Are you interested in being published in My Montana Wedding? If so, you're in the right place! Below you'll find everything you need to submit to our blog, print magazine, and digital magazine. The My Montana Wedding print magazine is Northwest Montana's premier wedding publication and is a bride and groom's one-stop-shop for the best vendors in Montana! 10,000 print copies are distributed throughout the Flathead Valley and beyond. If you're interested in purchasing an ad, please go here.

For your submissions to be considered:

  1. You must be a member of the My Montana Wedding Association. There are many reasons to become a member, our publications are only a small part of it. Please see our media kit for everything you'd want to know about being a member of our My Montana Wedding family. Go here if you'd like to join our membership!

  2. We have changed our exclusivity rule. Your submission to us must not be published elsewhere within 12 months of our publishing it.

  3. The wedding or styled shoot you are submitting must have been photographed in Montana.

  4. The wedding must feature a minimum of three My Montana Wedding members, including you, the photographer, and the venue. Not sure who is a member? Our directory lists all of our active members.

What we are looking for:

Our magazines and blog are a go-to resource for local and destination brides planning their wedding in Montana. We want your high-quality work that features inspiring real weddings and styled shoots that are full of the work of our members! (Please note, cover submissions must be real weddings only, not style shoots. Inside features and blog posts can be either real weddings or styled shoots.)


To submit your images for the cover of My Montana Wedding, print or digital:

  1. Via Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar method send a folder that contains three vertical images to Within the folder, please include a vendor list for each image.

  2. Cover submissions must be vertical images (8.5" x 11" + 1/4" bleed) and from real weddings only. Styled shoots are not accepted for the cover.

  3. The same rule applies to cover submissions as to feature submissions: There must be a minimum of three members included in the wedding. The winning cover will be a feature inside the magazine.


To submit your features to the digital edition or print magazine:

  1. Send up to three weddings or styled shoots via Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar method to Label each folder with your name, as well as the bride and groom's name and the wedding date.

  2. In the collection, please submit 30-50 images that provide a well-rounded idea of the wedding or shoot. Images should be CMYK, 300 dpi, and dimensions of approximately 6000x4000. Please do not submit images with watermarks, text, or layouts with multiple photos in one file. These images are not usable for publication.

  3. In the same Dropbox folder, upload a Word file or PDF file that includes a full list of all vendors involved, as well as the full online gallery link and any necessary passwords. If the gallery is selected for publication, we will send you a form to gather further information from the bride.

  4. For the feature to be considered, the wedding or style shoot must include at least three active My Montana Wedding members, and this includes you, the photographer, as well as the venue. The only exceptions are a private residence or Glacier National Park. Read more about this below in the "Please Read - Other Considerations" section.


To submit to the blog:

  1. Please email a link to the full online gallery of the wedding or styled shoot that you are submitting, including any necessary passwords. Within the email, include the full vendor list.

  2. The same rule applies as above stated: there must be a minimum of three members included in the wedding or shoot, including you, the photographer, and the venue.

  3. If the gallery is selected for publication on the blog, we will send you a form to gather further information from the bride.

  4. Please keep in mind that galleries featured on the blog will not be republished in either magazine.

PLEASE READ – Other considerations:

  1. The venue must be a member of My Montana Wedding. The only exception is a private residence or Glacier National Park. That being said, as the photographer, we would encourage you to reach out to any non-member venues and invite them to join! Letting them know that you have a stellar gallery that you'd like to get published is a great way to get them on board! If the venue has not joined at the time of your submission, that is OK. We will get in touch with them and encourage them as well. However, they must have officially joined by a determined cutoff date set by the magazine committee so that the magazine creation process can continue.

  2. Work featured on the blog will not be republished in either magazine.

  3. Submissions for the fall digital edition should not have been published in the spring print edition. We will only publish all-new content in the digital edition. It is preferred that all-new content be submitted for the digital edition, even if it was not accepted in the print edition.

  4. The magazine committee and its editor reserves the right to choose which images will be published and the length of the layout.

Have questions that we didn't answer here? Feel free to email email Thank you for your submissions! We love seeing your work!

~ The My Montana Wedding Magazine Committee


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