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From Our President

The struggles of planning a wedding during recent events have been real for all of us and the excitement for the future is right around the corner. I have found that this association has some of the best members and businesses to help you through all of these challenges. Planning and executing events with these top tier vendors will truly make your dream day happen. It’s WHAT WE DO ;-) 

Personally, it is my hope that the resources you find through My Montana Wedding help make your special day happen, here is a few things in the industry that I have learned: 


1.     Plan to adjust: Having a good plan and goals set is great, but if recent events have helped us learn anything is that, plans need to have some flexibility in them. Planning to have a plan B, C, 2021, etc; can take some stress out of needing everything to be perfect. Plan to have the best event possible, not a perfect event. 


2.      Start Early: You know the old saying “the early bird gets the worm.” Finding that amazing venue, the best food, awesome entertainment; can only come from having time. Time is a precious thing when it comes to planning, giving yourself time to weight options and discover information that you didn’t know; can elevate your experience and the experience of your guests. 

3.      Finally, ENJOY the Journey: Spending the time only focused on the goal you can miss the fun and connection you make along the way. Life is a marathon not a sprint. This also rings true when it comes to planning such a big day. Have fun talking with your family and friends about your planning experience, make mistakes, ask the funny/weird questions, and enjoy not only the day of the event; but the small steps it took to get there. 

I sometimes forget to look around the Flathead Valley and truly appreciate the talented people that live here and make peoples dreams come true year end and year out. Most of us are so focused on the customers’ experience that we pour our heart and soul into everything we do. It is my hope that your involvement with My Montana Wedding, and the many professionals that support this experience, make those dreams a reality.


Sam Dennison


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