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Erin & Greg: A gorgeous Montana fall wedding

Needing some fall wedding inspiration? Find it here! This fall palette is sure to inspire: from the bridesmaid dresses, to the florals, to the linens, this wedding has it all.

The Proposal

Greg and I have a mutual love for hunting and the outdoors. We had gone to Billings, Montana, to spend Christmas 2018 with my family. We were pregnant with our second child and Greg started randomly talking about rings so I had a sneaking suspicion something was coming my way. I have a knack of figuring things out so I was convinced he'd be proposing on Christmas ... but he got me.

It was a couple of days before Christmas and Greg, my gramps, brother and I woke up early to go duck hunting in Park City, Montana. Greg and I were walking down one side of an irrigation ditch that was covered in olive trees and my gramps and brother were walking down the other. After making the 1,500 yard walk down one way, we turned around and headed back the way we came. When were were a couple hundred yards from the pickup, Greg said, "Erin, can you turn around and help me quick?" My immediate thought was, "What does he need?  We are hunting!"  So I hesitantly turned around and Greg was on one knee holding a ring in one hand and a shotgun in the other! He went on and on with what I'm sure was the most romantic thing he's ever said (of course I didn't hear any of it!), and when he said, "Will you marry me, Erin Page Knutson?" I immediately screwed with him and responded,"I'll think about it!"  After I finally said yes, we gave each other a huge hug and kiss while the eastern Montana skies were on fire with the most gorgeous morning sunrise. We walked back to the pickup where we met up with my gramps and brother and told them the good news. –Erin


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