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One summer growing up my parents brought me to Glacier National Park on vacation and I fell in love and became determined that one day I would be a park ranger in this gorgeous park. It was a long journey that took me to five different national parks, before I finally settled in Glacier in 2018. I changed my whole life for this park because of how deeply I loved it.

As a photographer that specializes in elopements, I aim to curate an unforgettable day for my clients where they have an experience that is the most authentically them. A day they will remember for the rest of their lives. Photography is after all, capturing memories. An elopement with Christina Adele Photo is so much more than taking pretty photos amongst pretty scenery, it's about creating and capturing those life changing memories to share for generations to come.

I live in West Glacier, and spend 365 days a year exploring the park and surrounding national forests. I hike and ski about 800 miles a year and know every corner of this region. I know which seasons and what time of day to get the best photos in. I know that secluded lake down a dirt road that looks fabulous at sunset and where you won't see another soul. All of my elopement packages come with my custom itinerary planning services to help curate your perfect wedding day experience to be exactly what YOU dream of. Let's create some memories together!

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Christina Hon
(951) 902-5674

P.O. BOX 258

West Glacier, MT 59936

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