Named because of the rugged skyline of the Mission Mountains, Sky Ridge Ranch offers a true Montana welcome.  Kurt and Traci Johnson, owners, offer you a scenic drive as you travel over the bridge along 31 maple trees, ending at a glance of a fountain in the pond. The overall feeling of the barn interior is of Montana. The general appearance of this property is of a “Montana Welcome.”


“Wow” is the feeling you get when you walk under the overhang and see the three huge double glass doors that are framed by weathered beams from retired docks from Flathead Lake. Inside is a welcoming high ceiling. Sky Ridge can be described by so many words; rustic, weathered, beautiful, huge, spacious, awesome. Mostly, Sky Ridge is a feeling you get when you picture yourself with your loved ones and friends, knowing you will make memories at this place you will keep in your hearts forever!

This ranch will hold safe all the memories of the first dance, the first kiss, having a drink, grabbing a burger, or an elegant dinner. We bring families together and the feeling that this is exactly what you pictured when you close your eyes. Words cannot describe your love or this place!

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Traci Johnson
35415 Timberlane Road

Ronan, MT 59864