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Julie & Jude

Jennifer Mooney Photography

Julie and Jude were married on July 28, 2017, at Flathead Lake Lodge with their families and dearest friends in attendance. Jennifer Mooney Photography captured their day, and shares with us a little bit about this special couple:

"Julie and Jude are dedicated to their families and wanted a wedding that was in celebration of their families getting together. Jude proposed, on gender knee, on February 16, 2017, at the end of the same dock where they had their first look. They arrived to greet their guests from their boat, and walked down the aisle together, making it a full-on celebration from the beginning to end. During their ceremony, they introduced every family member and friend and thanked them for being part of their lives and coming. It was absolutely beautiful!

In honor of her mother's memory, Julie chose "Mom's Texas Sheet Cake" as their wedding cake made by Fleur Bake Shop. Her Mom made this cake for every family gathering. She placed a photo of her Mom with "her girls" near the cake. None of them had had it or made it since she passed away. Julie wanted to honor her Mom by making her dessert. Julie's Mom also always brought a packet of cocktail napkins whenever she was invited to dinner. So with the cake were different cocktail napkins as a wink to her Mom. You cannot help but smile at the warmness of Julie and Jude's beautiful day.

Congratulations to the two of you."

Makeup: La Vita É Bella; Hair: CS Bridal Styling

Bouquet: Mum's Flowers

Jennifer Mooney Photography

Repeat Boutique & Design

Flathead Lake Lodge

Mum's Flowers

The Party Store

Jennifer Mooney Photography

Jennifer Mooney Photography

Flathead Lake Lodge


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