• A Code of Ethics.
  • Use of the My Montana Wedding logo in literature and advertising.
  • Participation in social events, meetings and the annual Expo, plus educational programs for members.
  • Exposure through publicity and advertising relating to the Association and its members.
  • Meetings to discuss problems and concerns relative to our industry, share new ideas, and achieve goals.
  • Listing in categories of your choice on our official website, with direct links to members’ websites.
  • Personal association with other professionals providing a broad spectrum of products and services to client.



As a member of the My Montana Wedding, I shall:


  1. Provide proof of business liability insurance.
  2. Exhibit professional and ethical behavior.
  3. Communicate completely with our customers regarding prices, what the service/product includes and what is in the contract.
  4. If a dispute arises, settle it professionally and promptly.
  5. Return phone calls to current as well as potential customers.
  6. Treat other wedding and event professionals with respect.
  7. Assist in the advancement of the Montana wedding and event industry by helping to educate the public and other potential wedding and event professionals.
  8. Observe all laws and obtain any licenses required by law.
  9. Honor all agreements made with customers and suppliers.
  10. Endeavor to enhance and enable the status of the wedding and event industry by maintaining dignity of manner in my behavior and in the presentation of my services, in the appearance of my business and in all forms of public contact.
  11. Observe the highest standards of honesty in all my transactions by avoiding the use of false titles, confusing or misleading technical terms or descriptions and misleading terms of claims. I will at all times endeavor to produce only those types of services which will enhance the prestige of the industry, to apply my best efforts on behalf of the public and to play my part in raising the general standards of the wedding and event industry.
  12. Show a friendly spirit of cooperation with my fellow members and assist them whenever possible should they encounter any trouble or difficulty.

At all times avoid the use of unfair competitive practices. I will assist and give my knowledge to the members of my industry and will encourage them individually and collectively so the quality of service to our clients may constantly be raised to higher standards.